Content, Training & Strategy

Case Studies

Media Training
When an NIH program was established to build core competencies for the nation's bioscientists, Richard proposed and developed a media training curriculum and trained participants from more than a dozen institutions with presentations, role-playing scenarios and expert panels of journalists from NPR, USA Today, AP and The Washington Post. Richard later developed and narrated and e-learning component. The contract was renewed several times and ran for more than a decade.

Advocacy and Media Outreach
Richard helped position a technology trade association as a key voice in the emerging debate on "net neutrality." As government and industry groups debate whether and how to regulate the web, Richard facilitated an aggressive campaign for internet freedom with press statements, blog posts, expert tipsheets and media desk-sides. Richard wrote and secured numerous placements for op eds -- including The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and Silicon Valley's San Jose Mercury News -- helping drive a ten-fold increase in media hits for the association over two years.

Business Development
Richard worked with doctors and leadership at a major medical practice to better communicate their mission and grow business around a newly-launched cancer institute. Richard positioned the organization around its differentiators for a compelling narrative that key practice members could internalize and share with stakeholders as they sought grow business. Richard developed a communications platform -- everything from the elevator speech and proof points, to donor pitches and call scripts. He also provided group trainings and one-on-one communications coaching on persuasion, message discipline and how to handle Q&A and other live interactions with key stakeholders. Within three years, the practice had doubled business and was selling out $500/plate fundraisers for the institute.

Community Relations
When the leaders of a federal facility in Maryland were faced with the prospect of a high security infectious diseases lab's relocation to their suburban campus, Richard provided counsel on community acceptance.  He helped frame communications around the lab and the safety precautions that would be in place. He provided planning for community meetings, and he helped the agency canvas its existing local involvement (blood drives, little league sponsorships, etc.), highlighting this engagement in newsletters and other outreach to build trust and demonstrate civic partnership.